Imagine sneakily spying on every visitor to your website. Suddenly you can create the perfect website with the highest conversions possible because your prospects tell you what they want.

"Breakthrough 'Never-Before Released'
Stealth Software
Records and Uncovers
Hidden Fortune Buried Deep In Websites and Has Helped Increase Profits by 150%!"

An Increase in Our Profit by almost 150%... See Proof Below
(Click Image To View Actual Size)
  *we integrated VisitorSpy with this site while maintaining our other marketing practices like split-testing, search engine optimization, and advertising to help generate these results. Results are not typical.  

Ethically SPY On YOUR Site's Visitors
and Quickly Gather Cash-Pulling Intelligence by
Watching Their Every Click, Movement, and Action...

 We have the technology where a simple line of code on your site can...

Ramp up profits by revealing exactly what your prospects want. (Watch as your visitors SHOW YOU how to extract more cash from your site.)
Plug the holes in your sales funnel and stop 'profit leaks'. (Instantly uncover where you're losing business and claw it back with covertly-obtained intel.)
Deploy incredibly persuasive site layouts thanks to the undeniable proof VisitorSpy gives you...

Get The Full Armory Of Cutting Edge Technology
Available to Platinum Members... and at
over 60% OFF the Regular Price Today!

Your Visitors Are Telling You What They Want...
All You Have To Do Is Pay Attention.


From the desk of Matt Callen

Indianapolis, IN

Savvy Marketer,
I need to confess something.

Truth is, over the past few weeks... I've become an addict.

And unless you want to join me in these nail-chewing cravings... you better click away now.

Once you fire up my new software and experience -- in secret -- the rush of excitement from watching your site's visitors go about their business...

You get a sudden surge of adrenalin. It makes it feel illegal or unethical maybe... but it isn't. It's 100% visitor-friendly and legit.

In fact...

It helps you provide a slicker, more satisfying service to your customers. And pulls in bigger profits for YOU.

The first thing you'll experience is that VisitorSpy gives you a KICK.

Maybe it's the fact they don't know you're watching. Maybe it's the sheer craziness of some folks' behavior when surfing your website. Either way, it's a real thrill.

I know you won't be able to resist watching visitor after visitor move through your site... totally oblivious to your gaze.

You can see their every movement...

Their every click...

Their every action... and then you realize...

"Heck... I Could Make A
Whole Bunch Of Money With This!"

You see - VisitorSpy is great for an illicit thrill every now and again. But if you're a smart marketer you're already freaking out at the possibilities.

For the past few years I've busted my butt coming up with ultimate traffic solutions for myself and my clients. I've taught thousands of people how to generate traffic to their websites with SEO, list building, and other behind-the-scenes methods.

Let's face it... getting folks to your site is a gigantic, tedious pain.

Once you do get a steady stream of traffic... then what?

Unless you're putting up a site as a hobby, you probably want to make some money out of your slice of the web. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Owning just one high-converting webpage can bring you an automatic income for life.

What I'm about to share with you
will blow your mind!

See earnings proof below...

Here are a few stats from my Paypal account
(I also sell products through and


...all this for an average daily earnings of
over $1,765
(from Paypal alone)

These numbers wouldn't be possible if I didn't know what my potential customers were doing on my website. The beauty about numbers and data is that "they don't lie".

And even more powerful is when you can take that data and add a video to it so that you can actually WATCH your visitors every action on your website.

Don't Just Take My Word For It, Hear What
Some of Our Clients Have to Say


- Stef Grandgi

"I have been able to increase of sales just by moving a few elements on my sites!"

VisitorSpy is definitely the best tool I bought lately. Once the simple installation steps are completed, you'll get detailed tracking and statistics without lifting a finger.

I particularly love the video feature. I could replay my customer's visits and realized that many of them were interested in specific parts and topics on my sites. VisitorSpy helped me to enhance my websites, and I have been able to increase sales after moving a few elements on my sites. Thank you Matt!


- Jawad Rafique

"...Increase some of [my clients] conversion rates!"

This is something which is really unbelievable. I am literally able to see my visitors activity on my website. I'm a Google Adwords certified individual and I used this with the landing pages for some of my clients... I was able to increase some of their conversion rates. I am definitely going to use this service with all of my clients' sites now.



Now... Imagine thousands of prospects flooding your high-converting web page... Money in the bank, right? All without lifting a finger. It's a pretty nice position to be in.

So the next piece of the puzzle is getting folks to do what you want them to do.

Easier said than done.

You might want them to...

  • Opt-in to your newsletter...
  • Click on the 'buy' button to order your product...
  • Read your pre-sell text before clicking your affiliate link...

Whatever it is, your site NEEDS to gently persuade and coax them through your sales process.
And until you get that right, who knows how much of your profit is falling through the cracks?

"Until Now, Making Any Kind Of Conversion Is
Like Taking A Shot In The Dark... Blindfolded!"


- Chris LeBarron

"Nothing rounds out my arsenal of tools like yours! Your Tool Has Saved Me So Much Time..."

Hi Matt, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say, as an internet marketing coach and marketer, I use many tools for my business. But Nothing rounds out my arsenal like yours. No more moving things on my site's, and then waiting days for the data to roll in to see if the move was right or wrong.

With your application I get that data in minutes, and I can literally watch my visitors hover over my links or zip right by. Your Tool Has saved me so much time and the data as well. I can't put a price on the value it has to me. Thank You for VisitorSpy!


If you're like most marketers, you're just throwing stuff up on the web and crossing your fingers that it works. But imagine being able to see exactly what each visitor does when they hit your page.

Kinda like looking over their shoulder as they move around your site, make a purchase, sign-up to your list... or click away.

You'll be able to...

Instantly see when, where and why they leave the page...
Which parts of the page turn them off...
The 'blockages' that are preventing the sale...
...and with that kind of intel you'd be able to remedy any web page in seconds.

And this is what makes VisitorSpy great news for your prospects too.

No longer will they click away in disgust or be confused by an unfriendly site layout. Now you can adjust your site to fit their needs. And that's the REAL reason your profits will shoot through the roof.

Plus I'll say it one more time...

WARNING: Using VisitorSpy is maddeningly addictive!

Simply login to your account, view a few of the videos and fix your page. Almost straight away, conversions increase... sales rise rapidly... and profits fill your bank account.


Because you were able to see what was going wrong in your sales process... and you fixed it.

It's the technology online marketers have been crying out for. And for a limited time, you can use it too!

"Ramp Up Profits Without Extra Traffic"

Jay Abraham said there are three ways to grow a business...

1) Increase the number of customers
2) Increase the average transaction value
3) Increase the number of transactions per year

If you've seen any of my other products you know that we have the first one licked. But once you have a steady stream of traffic to your site... how do you increase your profits?

Easy... By increasing your conversions. Turn your browsers into buyers.

And now you can do this without...

  • Having to hire a super-expensive copywriter to persuade people... 
  • Having to hire a top designer to create a money-sucking layout... 
  • Having to GUESS what works on your prospects... 

Now you have VisitorSpy Platinum to TELL YOU what's working and what needs to be done.

"Your Sales Process Could Be As

Smooth As The Hum Of A New Ferrari"

Making serious money online depends on a smooth sales process. So why does everyone think that sticking an order button at the bottom of a half-written sales page is enough?

Luckily, with the piece of techno-wizardry I'm about to GIVE you, it's easy to get by with throwing up a random, half-finished web page because...

You can soup it up into a profit-spewing sales machine with virtually LIVE feedback.

  • Watch what your visitors do and construct your sales message around them...

  • Peek at their every cursor move, click and scroll...

  • Know just what they need to see/do/act on and when... Giving you the perfect sales machine.

Do this, All from the back office of your private 'bat-cave' where you see ALL, in full video recordings!

Want to get going right now?


The totally ethical, yet sneaky, covert way to spy on your visitors...

Fit your sales message around exactly what your visitors WANT and not what you "think" they want.

You'll be able to...

Build your email lists at incredible speed by tweaking your opt-in pages to perfection (all thanks to VisitorSpy handing you the intel you need.)
Skyrocket conversions by tracking what your visitors do, where they click, why they buy... or why they leave (...and make it near impossible for them to click away in the future)
Ignore super lame data stats and spreadsheets... now you can simply sit beside your visitor and WATCH what they do...
Slash your PPC costs and get more bang for your buck. (If you could be sure every click converted at the optimum rate... how much more money would you make?)
Plug-in VisitorSpy to your site and get on-demand, virtually real-time insights into visitor behavior to increase site-usability. (And enjoy a sneaky thrill as you spy on folks who have no idea they're being watched. Remember... it's for their own good.)
Stealthily adjust your marketing tactics to fit around your buyer ( you know what they want. All you have to do is give it to them.)

I Can't Wait To Give This a Try. Give Me Access


- June Parker

"VisitorSpy has Helped Me Tremendously..."

Hi Matt, This is just a short note to thank you for giving me the opportunity to use VisitorSpy. This is truly the most totally cool website analysis software. It has helped me tremendously to focus in on what exactly my visitors are looking at when they visit my sites.

Of course the site analysis is awesome, but the feature that I like the very best is finding out the keyword phrases the visitors used to find my sites. This is the most valuable information that any one could get for the optimization of their sites.


"Wait A Sec... This All Sounds Great But

I Hate 'Techie' Complicated Stuff!"

Don't panic! We've made VisitorSpy as easy to use as possible.

Here's all you have to do:

Login to your VisitorSpy account...
Quickly install the step-by-step script (either manually or with our new one-click auto install)
Highlight a line of code and copy/paste it to your website...
... there is no number 4!

That's all there is to it.

If there's one thing that stops me from making money it's wasting time on annoying technical hitches. And when it comes to giving value to my customers... I know you want it simple, quick and easy.

That's why all you have to do after you install is cut and paste a short line of code, login to your VisitorSpy headquarters and watch the videos as your visitors interact with your site.

But there's another reason VisitorSpy is so great...

Plug "Profit-Leaks" and Slash PPC Costs

If you're on a tight budget and using PPC advertising, you absolutely need VisitorSpy.

Why? You're paying for each click. Every single click is valuable to you.

So imagine being able to see what happens once they've clicked on your PPC ad.

No more throwing money down the drain.

No more getting outmuscled by marketers with deeper pockets than you.

These days Adwords is fiercely competitive.

Advertisers will bully you out of any market and smile as you lie cowering in the Google Gutter. They don't care about you... this isn't some version of money making where we all sit around holding hands singing Kumbaya.

No... these people will eat your lunch if you let them. So you have to get the edge! And having access to certain intel gives you that edge.

Give Me Access Now!

Let's break down exactly what you get in the Platinum area...


Virtually Real-Time, LIVE Visitor Spying
and Video Recordings

You get to watch an unlimited number of visitors in a virtually "live" manner as each prospect moves through your site. Let me make this clear...

You get to see their entire journey through an unlimited number of sites... there are no limits!... and not just a cursor hovering on one lousy page.

It's almost cyber-voyeurism but it's the only way to provide supreme service to your visitors.

The real beauty of Live Spying comes from the fact that you can see immediately how your site is performing and fix things instantly...

Or you can just sit back and watch :)

Settle back into your VisitorSpy nerve center and watch what your site visitors get up to... unaware they're being spied on...
Push a button for totally LIVE site action. Perfect for split-testing, virtually in real-time!
Get an immediate edge on your competition.  (While they spend months testing their landing pages... you'll know in minutes what leaks profits and what rockets conversions.)

UNLIMITED Recordings
for an Unlimited Number of Websites

Look, if you have one measly website, you're probably not going to appreciate this but if... like most marketers... you have a host of sites in different niches and markets...

You can plug-in VisitorSpy and watch over your entire website investment with an all-seeing eye.

Send out the VisitorSpy sentinels to record each visitor to ALL of your sites. Then ramp them all up for maximum conversions, opt-ins and profits.

Platinum level VisitorSpy means your entire web operation runs like a well-oiled machine.

An unlimited amount of recordings means you get the kind of in-depth knowledge of your visitors never before possible...
Extreme stats presented in an at-a-glance fashion mean you know in an instant which of your sites is losing money and which are ripe for a cash boost.
No limits, no boundaries, no restrictions...  VisitorSpy Platinum means you don't have to worry about running out of your recording quota...

Link Cloaker Premium
+ PLUS Link Conversion Tracking

You know how downright nasty affiliate links look, right?

And that means nobody wants to click your link.

So... What if you could transform these ugly URLs into super-sexy links that look like another page of your site. And of course you can spread these eye-catching links all over Web 2.0 properties, Twitter... wherever.

Even better...What if you could track every single time someone clicks that link?

That way you'd find out where your sales are coming from and which links are damp squibs...yet another way to ramp up conversions.

Get Link Cloaker Premium and Conversion Tracking built directly into your VisitorSpy Platinum back office...

Unleash deceptive URLs that look like any other web link... but which pull in oodles of cash for you on autopilot...
Enhanced tracking ability allows you to watch over every one of your affiliate links and know in a split-second which convert...
Spread your links all over Web 2.0 properties... let them spawn across the web and keep tabs on them from your personal command center...

Create and Track
'Sales and Action' Campaigns

What if you want to track when a sale is made and narrow down the video to watch that sale?

With Platinum you get an unlimited amount of recordings AND you can create targeted sales or action campaigns to track your signups, sales, or ANY other action!

That's a whole lotta organized spying footage... It's so much more effective if you can cut off the fat and narrow your intel down to those who complete a set action.

With this feature of VisitorSpy Platinum you can do just that...

Create campaigns following your visitor from his arrival on your page through to the moment he signs up or buys. (Perfect for tracking the visitor experience, making your site user-friendly... and activating profit-floods.) 
Drill down to the 'at-a-glance' stats that matter... watch only those folks who complete a certain action, use a certain web browser... even visit on a certain date. Extreme analytics give you total control over your business...
Watch only those folks who leave your site at a certain moment and FIX the cracks in your sales process...


"Ok Matt... I NEED This Software.
So What's This Going To Cost Me?"

I'm so confident that using VisitorSpy will help increase your sites' conversions, here's what I want to do...

If you get VisitorSpy TODAY, you can start watching your own visitors for only $4.97 of FULL access.

Use it for an entire 2 weeks. If VisitorSpy doesn't do everything I've said it will, plus more, simply cancel your membership and you'll never be billed again. I want to help you build your online business. If you're not completely satisfied, I don't want you to continue paying anything. After the full 14 day trial is up, we'll bill you the special member price of only $37/month.

At a price of only $4.97, you simply can't go wrong. That's less than a meal at McDonald's!

Here's the deal: once you sign up for VisitorSpy, install the script and...

Prepare yourself for a completely new experience you've never seen before as you watch your totally oblivious visitor hunt around your site:

Watch where he moves the cursor...
See where he clicks...
And know where your site 'works' and where it loses your prospect.

Then... just get to work on fixing your sales funnel. With VisitorSpy it's easy to rejuvenate an ailing site and supercharge stale profits.

Why such a low price? You see, our goal is to secure your rock-solid foundation. When you start getting results, you’ll stick with us. In essence, we want to earn your ongoing business. If we don’t – we know the chances are high we will never see you again. By making this world-class tool available for practically nothing – we take all the risk.

"So Now The Ball's In Your Court"

You can carry on as you are... marketing in the dark and throwing stuff up online just hoping it sticks.


You can get real marketing intelligence to give you a serious advantage. Now you can patch up those profit leaks, slash your costs and swiftly improve conversions.

For a limited time, get in at only $4.97, so you can start benefiting from it today. I'm extremely excited about this new tool and know it will completely change the way web analytics and site tracking is done on the internet as we know it. After you get access and starting using it, I know you'll agree.


Yes, I want to take you up on this incredible, one-time discount offer. Please give me full access to
VisitorSpy Platinum

I understand I'll be able to safely spy on my visitors' interactions with my website in order to give them the very best service...

To increase conversions...

To plug profit leaks in my sales funnel...

And to help me make a whole bunch of money, faster than my competition. Give me the technology!

Now is my one and only chance to get VisitorSpy Platinum and gain access to all of these amazing money making features at this incredible discount...

Choose one of the following two options to order now...

Option #1: Just $4.97 Today and pay monthly

You get access to the entire VisitorSpy software for 14 full days for $4.97. After 14 days is over you'll be billed a simple, low $37 a month after that,
as long as you decide to stay on. The ball is in your court!

Get 60% Off!

Option #2: Just $4.97 today and only a
One-Time Payment after 14 days

(With no more payments, ever.)

By choosing this option now, you are making a smart choice and receiving a significant discount compared to paying monthly. If you're serious about building your business for long-term success, take the lifetime one-time payment option and Save Hundreds of Dollars.

(60% off when compared to paying monthly for a year)

(All Orders Are Processed On A 100% Secure Server)
I reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without warning.


Still Not Sure? Click Here to Try the Demo

I reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without warning.

To your success,

Matt Callen

iNet Innovation Inc

P.S. At the price of only $4.97 for FULL access to VisitorSpy Platinum, I've taken ALL of the risk away from you and put it on my shoulders.... and you're still totally covered by the two month guarantee. This is as "no risk" as it gets, so move fast, before you're too late!

P.P.S. You can quit at anytime in the two months, for whatever reason… actually you don't even need a reason, you can just cancel and ask for a refund and I'll give it to you. I'm THAT confident that this will work for you, and that you won't think twice about why you joined! I don’t want you locked into something that you don’t feel will be the best thing for your traffic generation and online business. If it's not for you, contact our 24 hour support department asking for a refund. You risk nothing in giving it a try today...

You're Right Matt, Let Me In!

I'm Ready to Spy On My Prospects and
Give Them What They Want

Still Not Sure? Click Here to Try the Demo



- Steve Szasz

"The information is Invaluable... I can now
come up with strategies to keep visitors
on my site longer"

Hi Matt, Just wanted to shoot you an email to say Thanks! I have only been a member of your VisitorSpy system for about a week and in that time I have peaked at heaps of my visitors and you are right, the information is invaluable. I love the idea I can go back and see what people have been doing on my site and can now come up with stratgies to keep visitors on my site longer... and then offer a solution to a problem they may have.


- Eric Tan

"Manual Split-Testing is History!"

Dear Matt, I must let this out to you, VisitorSpy is simply AMAZING. Not only is it super easy to install, it's very user-friendly too. I could literally set up everything and start using in less than 10 minutes. With the advanced tracking system, which I've never seen before, it helps me figure out what my visitors are actually doing on my site. I now call this my "Cyber-CCTV" that will assist me in fine-tuning all my sales funnel. Man, manual split-testing is history!


- Mary Hobratschk

"Your integrity, dedication, and enthusiasm are infectious and inspiring"

Matt, I so appreciate that you continue to pursue every aspect of internet marking with terrific and ethical tools, including VisitorSpy, to help manage and grow my business. Your integrity, dedication, and enthusiasm are infectious and inspiring. Thank you so much.


- Sergio Rodriguez

"I couldn't believe what my eyes were watching!

After several years of studying internet marketing, I came across this new tool. I have always considered Google Analytics as one of the best tracking tools out there. I know Google has invested several millions on the development of it and so forth.

But when I stumbled upon VisitorSpy, I couldn't believe what my eyes were watching. A whole video of web surfer's actions! It was as if you had a hidden camera behind them and could record every single movement. It's amazing!

I'd recommend this to those who wnat to know more about their prospects and customers - and who doesn't?!


- Loren Bailey

"I Now Better Understand the Flow of My Site Traffic... And Have Developed Ideas for Methods to Further Direct That Traffic..."

After using the VisitorSpy program for only two weeks, I have found that some of my less exciting (but highly informative) pages are being read for greater lengths of time than I knew.

Since the site is a local directory, I thought it would be a good idea to display some informational pages as a community service to attract a few more visitors.

According to VisitorSpy, the afterthought information pages are receiving more read time than the average directory listing page for the directory. I now better understand the flow of my site traffic and have developed some good ideas for methods of further directing the traffic from the informational pages to the directory listings.


- Roy Sencio

"VisitorSpy takes away all the guesswork, and reveals those holes in your webpages that need patching."

A key ingredient to a successful website is knowing what works and what doesn't. Most website owners identify those weak pages by viewing analytics reports that allow you to make assumptions about visitor behavior on a page.
But the stats don't tell the complete story; they don't tell you how exactly a visitor reacts to content on a page, or any specific element of a page.

VisitorSpy takes away all that guesswork, and reveals those holes in your webpages that need patching. Making informed decisions based on analytics data is good, as long as you make the right interpretations... with VisitorSpy, all you do is watch what your visitors are doing on your page or pages ,and it is that simple.


- Vin Andella

"One of the BEST web tracking software
I have ever seen ..."

This is Vin Andella the founder of and I wanted to recommend one of the best web tracking software I have ever seen. VisitorSpy takes the guesswork out of optimizing pages for SEO. You can see every move a visitor is making on several of your web sites. This gives me the power to alter pages and deliver what visitors are looking for and that means more sales for me. Matt, keep up the good work!


- Teri Rose

"Using it has given me many 'Aha Moments'!
I'm using my time and effort more wisely now."

I want to thank you for VisitorSpy. Using it has given me many “Aha moments!” I wish I would have had this information a few years ago when I was creating my site. It would have saved me a lot of time, effort and money. It is very helpful to see what visitors do, what they seem to like and dislike along with being able to see what changes create results. I feel that I’m using my time and effort more wisely now that I have the information gained with VisitorSpy.


- Dan Ratiu

"We can already see the changes we need to do in order to Improve Our Site Usability"

VisitorSpy is so helpful to understand what my visitors are doing on our sites. We can already see the changes we need to do in order to improve our site usability!


- Anik Singal

#2 in BusinessWeek's
2008 Top Young Entrepreneurs

"...Absolutely Brilliant... Cutting Edge
My Students are Going to LOVE This!"

Matt is absolutely brilliant, there's not much more to say. I watch everything he does like a hawk and typically will *steal* ideas from him without him even knowing! His strategies and programs are cutting edge and since I've been doing internet markeitng for years, it's nice to know there is still someone I can learn from!

My hat's off to you! My students are going to LOVE this.


- Dennis St. Germain

"...Totally Blown Away with the ability to
my visitors..."

Wow! I'm totally blown away with the ability to WATCH my visitors. This in itself is amazing to see where visitors click and how they view your site. Way cool!







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